Who we are

The group Fekete Seretlek is reusing, changing and mixing motives from world music and making up its own original compositions. Violoncello, accordion, trumpet, double bass, violin, cajon and five voices. Six musicians-actors graduated from the Prague Theatre Academy (DAMU).

Matija Solce – accordion (Slovenia), the creator of all of the tune arrangements, a puppeteer, actor, organiser and mentor of ethno music workshops (Ethno Histria) has been successfully running his own puppet theatre Teatro Matita for several years now and is receiving a lot of awards at different international festivals all over the world. Very often he combines concert and selection of his puppet shows together.

Pavol Smolárik – double bass (Slovakia) is acting at different theatres in Prague (Letí, Minor, Dejvické Divadlo). He is a holder of the Award for the talent of the year for 2006 in the field of alternative theatre

Jan Meduna – trumpet (Czech), is acting at different Prague theatres and has recently played the lead role in the Czech film Tobruk.

Anička Bubníková – violoncello (Czech/Russia), member of Theatre Letí and guests for the theatre Minor and F. X. Šaldy

Jiří N. Jelínek – violin (Czech), the founder of cirque nouveau company Long Vehicle Circus, member of the norwegian NIE Theatre, guests for the National theatre in Prague and other Prague theatres.

Ivo Sedláček – cajon (Czech), drummer in a psychedelic-experimental band Sothein, dancer in Lenka Vagnerová & Company, Nomination for the Talent of the year 2015 award, Nomination for the OPERY PLUS 2016 award.

Fekete Seretlek started in 2004 as a trio and has played at different music and theatre festivals in Slovenia, France, Russia, Slovakia, Estonia, Finland, Lithuania, Italy, Hungary, Austria and the Czech Republic (Sziget, Cikl Cakl, BTK, Anifest, Cibulák, Divadelní Nitra, Puf, Etno Histria, etc.). We won second place in a competition for Talents within the well known world music festival Colours of Ostrava. In 2008, Fekete recorded CD Fekete Seretlek and in 2013 live CD DAMAGED.

Our concerts are lively and variable, adapting to different situations: from big stages, to clubs or streets. They have recently become not only an exceptional musical, but also visual experience.

New show KAR Repass, Cabaret of Anna Karenina, premiere in 2016 in Palace Akropolis, Prague and musical-theatrical psycho slap-stick show RAT inspired by 1984 dystopia premiered in the same place in 2018.

Fekete Seretlek - RAT

Fekete Seretlek - KAR